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undine n : any of various water spirits

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Modern Latin undina, from Latin unda ‘wave’.


  • /'ʌndi:n/


  1. A female water-sprite or nymph
  2. The elemental being of water.

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Undine, Undines, Undina, or Ondine are sometimes interchangeable and may refer to:
In literature and painting:
In music:
In opera:
In ballet:
  • Ondine (Ashton) a ballet by Sir Frederick Ashton made on Dame Margot Fonteyn to Hans Werner Henze's music at the Royal Ballet (1958)
  • Undine (ballet), music by Hans Werner Henze (1956–57), choreographed by Sir Frederick Ashton
  • Ondine (Perrot), a ballet by Jules Perrot (1843) to Cesare Pugni's music and based on de la Motte Fouqué's novel
  • Ondine (Pugni), music by Cesare Pugni (1843) for Jules Perrot's ballet
In film:
In ships:
In video games:
  • Undine, one of the eight elemental spirits in the Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu video game series
  • Undine, one of the four races in Oblivion in Primal
  • Ondine, the princess of the Clancers in Mischief Makers
  • Undine, a water spirit in Namco's Tales role-playing game series
  • Undine, one of the wing-spirits of Dizzy, a character in the Guilty Gear fighting game series
  • Undine, one of the souls in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow which allows you to walk on water.
  • Undine, a water-dwelling race in Riviera: The Promised Land.
In popular culture:

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Davy, Davy Jones, Neptune, Nereid, Oceanid, Oceanus, Poseidon, Thetis, Triton, elemental, elemental spirit, fresh-water nymph, gnome, kelpie, limniad, man fish, mermaid, merman, naiad, nix, nixie, ocean nymph, salamander, sea nymph, sea-maid, sea-maiden, siren, sylph, water god, water spirit, water sprite
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